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Model TC243 - TC245

Automated Infrared Curing System

Sustainability Benefits: The TruCure provides huge benefits in regards to sustainability. Cycle-time and energy consumption are reduced significantly. TruCure provides 4 Minute Final Cure cycle-times! This is a reduction of up to 60% verse Batch Ovens and 80% verse Tunnel Oven. With the Stand-By Mode Feature, energy consumption is greatly reduced. If there are no panels to be cured, the system automatically goes into Stand-By Mode and conserves on energy. In addition, the cost to cure per panel is reduced by 85%!   


Cures Legend Inks Simultaneously: Solder Mask and Legend Ink can be cured together at the same time! The TruCure can be used to cure any Thermal Inks: Legend Ink, Via Hole Fill, and Peelable Solder Mask.           

Smaller footprint than a Tunnel Oven


Can be used in-line with Developing Process


ACS ‘‘Smart Panels’’ patent pending

Designed to measure the temperature of the PCB and automatically make the necessary changes, in addition to maintaining the required curing temperature.


System automatically senses when there are no PCBs on the conveyor and powers down they IR panels to a low setting.  However, as a PCB re-enters, IR panels will automatically return to normal settings.



Heat and fumes will not exit the Curing Chamber, keeping the work area safe and comfortable.        


Touch Screen Panel: Adjustments for the conveyor speed and power settings for cure zones are made via touch screen. In addition, the touch screen displays the actual speed of the conveyor, power settings and the actual temperature of the PCBs being cured.


Constructed of 304 stainless steel. Conveyor is driven by DC motor and is adjustable, running between 0 to 6 FPM.

The style lamps used in this system are very efficient. The total time that it takes for a PCB to travel through the IR system is only 4 minutes! Warm-up time of the system is less the 5 minutes!


Top and bottom Lamp Housing are constructed of 304 stainless steel and can be easily accessed via service doors. The top and bottom Housings are mounted on a drawer track system and can be pulled out for easy access. If Housings need to be taken out of machine,  all electrical is mounted with quick disconnects and there are only 4 bolts per Housing.


IR thermometers read the actual temperature of the PCB being cured.

The cool-down zone utilizes forced air panels located above and below the conveyor.

Conveyor Width:

25" Working

Conveyor Working Height:

36" Adjustable

Conveyor Drive Assembly:

DC Motor Driven

Power Requirements:

208-240 VAC, 3 Ph, 60Hz

Power consumption:

TC243 - 125 Amps @ 100% output

Power consumption:

TC245 - 225 Amps @ 100% output

Required Exhaust:

TC243 - 2000 CFM, 8" Duct

Required Exhaust:

TC245 - 3000 CFM, 2ea. 8" Duct


304 Stainless Steel


PLC, Programmable Logic Control


Touch Panel


Density Infrared Quartz Lamps


TC243 - 125"/3175mm L x 52"/1321mm W x 65.5"/1605 H


TC245 - 161"/4090mm L x 52"/1321mm W x 65.5"1605 H


WARRANTY: 6 month parts, FOB ACS factory. 2-year lamp life at 2 shifts per day

 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice