The ACS Model DSS-24 Scrubber is specifically designed for surface prep of copper prior to Dry Film and Solder Mask application. System can also be used for light deburring of PCB’s. The ACS Model DSS-24 Scrubbing System features include; Independent Top and Bottom Brush Assemblies, Fresh Water Rinse Chamber, Drying Chamber. Robust Brushing Assemblies can be easily removed from system.  The ACS DSS-24 is built to the highest standard. Simple operation and maintenance procedures are additional features of the system. The ACS Model DSS-24 is designed with operator safety and simplicity in mind. The system is fully enclosed with stainless steel covers which are easily removed to allow access for cleaning and maintenance.

Model DSS-24 Top and Bottom Brush Assemblies

The revolutionary Brush Assemblies are independent of each other and can be easily removed from the front side of the machine. The Brush Assemblies are mounted onto a Slide-Out Track System which enables maintenance personnel to remove entire Brush Assembly from the machine. Traditional scrubbing systems Brush Assemblies are fixed and can not be removed from the machine. The Brush Assembly oscillation and brush rotation is driven by variable AC motors.  



Control Panel: Adjustment of Conveyor Speed, On/Off section of Brush, Rinse and Drying Chambers, Amp Meters, E-Stop.

Scrub Assembly:  Ø 3¾” x 24½” Brush with Ø 1¼” Poly Urethane Back-Up Roller. Brush height is adjustable. 1 Top and 1 Bottom Spray Bar.

Rinse Chamber: 2 Top and 2 Bottom Spay Bars and 2 sets of Squeegee Rollers. 

Drying Chamber: 1 set of Squeegee Rollers - 2 Top and 2 Stainless Steel Bottom Air Knives – High Pressure Blower with Stainless Steel Air Chamber.

Construction: System is constructed with high grade Stainless Steel.

 Warranty: 6 month parts, FOB our factory.


  • Heated Dry Chamber

  • High Pressure Rinse

  • Water Saver

    ACS DSS-24

Max Dimensions of the PCB:

24” -  610mm

Max Thickness of the PCB:

.25” – 6.35 mm

Min Thickness of the PCB:

.031 – .79 mm

Conveyor Working Height:

36” – 915 mm - Adjustable

Dimensions of the Machine:

67”x 46”x 43” – 1702mm x 1168mm x 1092mm (L x H x D)

Weight of the Machine

± 1,500 lbs - 682 Kilo

Power supply:

3 Ph., 230VAC, 60 Hz, 33 Amps

Machine Construction:

304 Stainless Steel

To complement the Scrubbings system, ACS offers a complete line of Automated Material Handling Systems.